Cynthia Benoit's e-book of healthy desserts


    Enter the world of Cynthia Benoit, IFBB PRO. Being constantly in physical preparation is not always easy. However, we can't deny that eating is a little pleasure of life. This e-book will reveal some of her sweetest cooking secrets. "It's easier to eat healthy, when we're creative in the kitchen."


    The ebook is emailed within minutes of your purchase. You will be able to download it for printing or viewing it on your mobile devices. *No refund after the purchase. Only payable once.


    This special edition ebook offers 10 healthy recipes for $7.99. It includes a dozen colorful and inspiring pages! Each recipe is beautifully illustrated and contains :
    1 - A list of all the ingredients.
    2 - Steps for an easy preparation.
    3 - The nutritional values.
    4 - The preparation time and portions.

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Find your balance.

Find your balance.

Health and fitness are my passions and lifestyle. I believe in hard work, dedication and consistency but I also believe in balance. Balance is the key to happiness.